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Our Sunday service begins at 10:30am, and lasts about 1h 20min. We begin with a time of praise and move into scripture readings and choir ministry. To the right is a sample order of service and though we mix it up from time to time, this is what you can expect on most Sundays.

Children begin the service with the adults but go off to have their own Sunday School program after the children's message. 

Following the service, we have a chance to connect with one another over some tea and coffee. First time visitors are especially invited to meet Pastor Joshua during this time, as well as get to know others in the congregation.

Regular Order of Service

  • Welcome/ Announcements

  • Call to Worship

  • Praise & Worship (3-4 songs) 

  • Opening Prayer

  • OT Reading

  • Responsive Reading (Psalm)

  • Song or Hymn

  • Children's message               (Children go off to Sunday School)

  • Meditational Song 

  • Pastoral Prayer

  • New Testament Reading 

  • Sermon

  • Closing Song or Hymn

  • Benediction

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