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Big Give 2021

Bicycle Mechanics Clinic

Saturday, June 5, 2021


For the last two years, we have been putting on a bicycle repair clinic where we invited people from the neighborhood to bring their bikes for a free tune-up. And we got to meet many people and fixed nearly 100 bikes and we had a blast. But the demand way-outpaced our capacity and so we thought, instead of fixing the bikes, what if we taught people to do it themselves? Given the wealth of online content on bicycle maintenance, we figured people just need some guidance and encouragement to get started, so that with basic skills and tools, people can do most of the maintenance work themselves! 

With that in mind, we are inviting people with little or no knowledge of bike maintenance to come for a 1.5 hour (or 90 minute) clinic where we will cover the following topics:

  1. How to remove and install the wheels

  2. How to repair a flat

  3. How to lubricate the chain

  4. How to adjust the brakes (time permitting) 

  5. Basic riding safety tips

Who is this for?

For people of Pointe Claire and surrounding areas who would like to learn the basics of bike maintenance. People can sign-up either as individuals or pairs from a single household (for Covid safety).

How will it work?

The event will take place outside, weather permitting, if not in our church fellowship hall. The workshop will start at 10am and will be offered in English, but there will be bilingual people at hand. Each student bubble (either one individual or a pair of people from same household) will be stationed with chairs and a table that will work as a workshop area. Each workstation will be spaced apart and while masks are recommended, given that we will be outside, we are leaving it up to the participants to decide.

Who is organizing and teaching this?

As mentioned above, the people of Lakeside Heights Baptist Church have been putting on a Big Give event for the last three years where the various churches across the West Island organize various events on the first Saturday of June to bless and impact the community. The bike clinic was started by Pastor Joshua Lee who is passionate about bikes and has been riding and fixing them for some 30 years (already!) He will be teaching the sessions, along with the assistance of Jarret Van Donkersgoed and other volunteers who will be helping participants get their hands dirty (ok, you can use gloves if you like ).

What do I need to bring?

Your bike! This is a bike mechanics clinic, not just a lecture, so bring your bike along with whatever tools you have. As a minimum, a monkey wrench, or more accurately a Wescott wrench, or adjustable wrench. Our local bike shops:  Paul Cycle & Sports and Cycles Gianella have graciously donated tire levers and patches for the participants, so huge thank you to the owners, Pierre-Paul and Jared!

Pastor Joshua with Raymond of Cycle & Sport Paul (Previous owner and father of Pierre-Paul)











Pastor Joshua with Jared, owner of Cycles Gianella

What does it cost?

This clinic is FREE! Yes, no cost to you, and we've got nothing to sell! Other than to share our knowledge on bikes and the love of Christ. We do this because we have encountered the living God, who sent us the help we needed in Jesus so that we don't have to live the tough journey of life alone, but to walk it (or better yet, bike it!) with Him. And just as we've been freely given life through our parents, God freely gives us eternal life in Jesus (which is why Jesus famously said you must be born again!). And God told us to give to others and be a blessing, so that is why we've been doing the Big Give these past few years. We do other stuff too for the community, but I'll keep it short and leave it at that!

OK, so how do I sign up?

Follow this link to sign up and reserve your spot:


If you have any questions you can email or call Pastor Joshua at 514-824-3090.

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